How to Learn About Director of Nursing Staffing Vacancies

Most top level management positions, across industries, are never advertised in the local paper, or at the career center. It is more efficient and cost-effective for businesses, international corporations, hospitals, and many other facilities to utilize recruiters or staffing agencies. That eliminates the need to go through hundreds of applications, screen out the best candidates, and verify qualifications and references. The process would take a human resource (HR) director too much time. It would also be difficult to accomplish because top level positions are often higher than human resources. Most HR personnel would not be able to distinguish who was qualified, and who was not.

So, if that is the case, how do qualified people learn about director of nursing staffing vacancies, or chief financial officer staffing vacancies, or if any other top positions are available? Professionals can rely on connections they may have made in past positions. A colleague in another company hears of a vacant position, for example, and spreads the news. It is possible, but not entirely reliable. Trade publications may have advertisements regarding vacant positions, but that is not likely, if a recruiter has been hired. Staffing agencies and recruiters sometimes advertise for qualified professionals. That typically only happens if an expended search is required.

Most agencies have a database that contains talented professionals who may be interested in taking other positions. It is common for top level managers, executives, and health care professionals to register with agencies. They may already have full time positions but are interested in a change, if the right job came up. They may be in an interim or contracted position that is nearing completion. They may want a career change. Whatever the reason, qualified executives, supervisors, and leaders often register with several agencies.

The practice is common and accepted. It keeps high level talent apprised about the market, open to new ideas and locations, and in practice for interviewing. Professionals can update their qualifications, learn about vacant positions in their field, and consider if a change is wanted when a position becomes available. The registered professionals are the first people considered when an agency is notified about a vacancy. Whether you are happy in the current position, or are seeking a change, it is in your best interest to register with at least on agency to avoid missing out on opportunities.